Since 2007, i-Soft Technologies is developing software for playout solution, name as i-Player. By Seeing future of IP Streaming We make our way for new product with streaming features named as "WRENBOX" - The Stream Player. This Box is Cross functional that supports all major protocol of streaming. We Ensure that our box stand out because of it's reliability and cost effectiveness that we accomplished the need of client-end.

Awesome Features

Wren Box Has Several Awesome listed Features.

Who We Are

i-Soft Technologies is one the swift Growing Software Company and is placed in one of the developing and Progressive city of Gujarat, India. We are among the Best Company of Software in Our Scenario. i-Soft Technologiesis a globally growing IT Services and Software Solution provider company to small and medium businesses. We started as a software development company with our successful products. Since then we have become a global IT service providers.

About Us

The main scenario we follow at i- Soft Technologies, is achieving real business results that allow you to grow, adapt and retain your operations to changing Fields Of Technology.Merging your ideas with our creativity, i-Soft produces the most fascinating and unique software and web designs to help you achieve your organizational goals.

Growth and Quality is way of life of any Organization. The Software gives integrated business solution and analysis, which helps the organization in the business growth. The Flexibility of customization helps to manage and run the business more efficiently and profitably.

Our Mission

Providing best in Society of Technology, people, processes, i-Soft Technology provides high-quality, high-value software development, Web Devlopment, Android Application, Ad-Making and Business process outsourcing services to independent software vendors and enterprises.

Our Products

Our Skills

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What We Do

" We support All enterprises, Private Firm, Small business company and help them in way to enhance their business process and work efficiently through our latest technology solutions."

Contact Us

i - Soft Technologies,
307, Indralok Arcade,

Opp. Talav Gate,
Gujarat - 362001

Mobile: +91-9974447185
WhatsApp: +91-9974447185